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Vermont delegation responds to Obama’s troop withdrawal plan

June 22, 2011

Comment of Senator Patrick Leahy
On The President’s Address To The Nation
On Withdrawal Of Some Troops
From Afghanistan

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

“The good news is that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan has finally begun, and for that I commend the President.  But I had hoped to see significantly more troops coming home immediately and a sharper reduction over the coming months, and I will work with others to encourage the President and our military commanders to expedite this process.  We can neither justify nor afford the human and fiscal costs of this war.”


WASHINGTON, June 22 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement tonight after President Barack Obama announced a timetable for the  withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan:


“This country has a $14.5 trillion national debt, in part owing to two wars that have not been paid for.  We have been at war in Afghanistan for the last 10 years and paid a high price both in terms of casualties and national treasure.  This year alone, we will spend about $100 billion on that war. In my view, it is time for the people of Afghanistan to take full responsibility for waging the war against the Taliban.

“While we cannot withdraw all of our troops immediately, we must bring them home as soon as possible. I appreciate the president’s announcement, but I believe that the withdrawal should occur at significantly faster speed and greater scope.”


Welch statement on President Obama’s Afghanistan speech

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Peter Welch issued the following statement after President Obama’s speech on the future of the war in Afghanistan.

“The United States went into Afghanistan for two reasons: to bring Osama bin Laden to justice and to degrade and disrupt al Qaeda. Our military has accomplished both goals. Bin Laden is dead and there are now fewer than 100 al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

“We cannot sustain a costly nation-building strategy on a corrupt and ineffective Karzai regime. Our taxpayers are spending $2 billion a week. All Americans know we need that money here at home.

“While the President’s decision to begin bringing our troops home is a welcome step in the right direction, I will continue to urge him to bring more troops home sooner and faster.”


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